Wall Protection Sheet

High abrasion and shock resistance on the surface

The high abrasion and shock resistance can be used such a wall protection surface. Various colors are selectable. Depending on the 3 types of backing, it can be used in a wide range of scenes, regardless of the intended uses.

  • Easy to cut appropriate sizes
  • 20 meters per roll for SKU
  • maximum 1,200 mm / 47" width
  • 9 colors selectable
  • Magnet attract surface
  • Woven cloth / Magnet / PSA backing available
  • ASTM E-84 fire testing Class A passed
Wall Protection Sheet 001

High durability


High friction resistance allows impact of people and office furniture.


High hardness surface is resistant to scratching.


Easy to remove any dirts.

9 colors surface

The various of selectable colors can be produced various wall decorations.

Expanded uses by backing

Woven cloth backing

It can be put on the wall using adhesive by backing cloth. After drying, the adhesive strength is kept high and it is easy to remove without leaving any residue when peeling off. Applicable uses are for wallcoverins, surface of rollerboards and on old blackboards or whiteboards.

Magnet backing

It can be attached on a steel place or our magnet attract wallcovering instantly. Application uses on steel cabinets, for re-surface of old chalkboards or whiteboards in office and school.

Adhesive backing

It can be applied to a suitable smooth surfaces by peeling a release liner. Since it can be applied anywhere as long as it is flat, it will be used in any scene regardless of application.