Dry Erase Surface Sheet

High purity fluorine film laminated for writing surface

You enjoy the smooth and soft touch writing and quick erasing with no ghost on this surface for a long time over 10 years thanks to the chemical property of ETFE, which makes the distinguished difference from other hard top coated or cured polyester and or polypropylene surface. This proves why being used at revolving Rollerboards installed in most of schools in U.K. Now launching into various offices.

  • Easy to cut appropriate sizes
  • 15 - 30 meters per roll for SKU
  • maximum 1,510 mm / 59" width
  • Magnet attract x Projectable x Grid / lines multipliable
  • Woven cloth / Magnet / PSA backing available
  • ASTM E-84 fire testing Class A passed
  • CA section 01350 compliant
Dry Erase Surface Sheet 001
Dry Erase Surface Sheet 002
Dry Erase Surface Sheet 003
Dry Erase Surface Sheet 004
Dry Erase Surface Sheet 005

Advantage to laminate ETFE to surface

Excellent erasability

ETFE film has a property to release things touched and difficult to keep staining on the surface. Any sticky adherence can be wiped off easily and the property unchanged for more than 10 years.

No crack, No ghost and No peeling

ETFE film is flexible and excellent in elasticity, and has a strong property against temperature changes. The film does not fall off unlike the hard coated product.

Strong to friction

At least 3500 times erasing friction has no effect on the erasability absolutely in a comparison test with hard coated product.

Dry erase surface X more

Magnet Attract

Magnet attract strongly on the surface to hold several sheets of paper.


Fine surface finish for projection by applying special embossing treatment with no deterioration of the erasability.

Lines / Grid

Lines / Grid for writing guide which is printed under the top film never fades or disappears even after frequent writing and erasing on the surface.


1,220 mm

Standard width, generally distributed in the market.

1,510 mm

A wider than standard width, leading in the market. A large writing area can be realized and experienced without joint.

Pre-print pattern

Pre-printed under the top film is guide for writing. We have 4 printing pattern, which are 50 mm square Faint grid, 50 mm square dark grid, 75 mm spacing line and music ruled.

Expanded uses by backing

Woven cloth backing

It can be put on the wall using adhesive by backing cloth. After drying, the adhesive strength is kept high and it is easy to remove without leaving any residue when peeling off. Applicable uses are for wallcoverins, surface of rollerboards and on old blackboards or whiteboards.

Magnet backing

It can be attached on a steel place or our magnet attract wallcovering instantly. Application uses on steel cabinets, for re-surface of old chalkboards or whiteboards in office and school.

Adhesive backing

It can be applied to a suitable smooth surfaces by peeling a release liner. Since it can be applied anywhere as long as it is flat, it will be used in any scene regardless of application.