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Geico Product Inc. Japan has been developing and providing a visual communication products for office and school industries in Europe and the United States for over 40 years. High quality and long life durability of our products contributes to our customers with the strong supports and backups from cooperative raw material supply sources in diversified industries, metal, chemical, textile and these composite specialities in Japan. We aim to build a trusting relationship with customers through the supply of high quality and innovative products on spirit of hospitality.


Established in December 1970, starting to produce school and office equipment and supplies mostly based on metal fabrication such as Document Carry Wagon. Most significant development is GEICOLEX in 1982, flexible dry erase writing surface material adopted for Rollerboards, which means revolving writing board, Wilson and Garden Limited in U.K. as a manufacturer of Rollerboards. In 1984, a manufacturer of whiteboards in U.S. started distribution of GEICOLEX as dry erase wallcovering. Magnet attract version was developed and added to GEICOLEX in 1995 and a leading contract wallcovering manufacturer in U.S. included this version into their product line. To now, we are providing our products worldwide and proceeding with development new GEICOLEX.


GEICO PRODUCTS is run by Nori Hagiwara, Rei Hagiwara and Norikazu Hagiwara. Nori founded GEICO PRODUCTS in 1970 and Rei and Norikazu joined them in 1999 and 2001.


Our products laminated with ETFE film is our own brand GEICOLEX, we have registered as a trademark in 1988. But we hope our products will be supplied all over the world regardless of the cognitive expansion of our brand GEICOLEX. We welcome sales by your brand under OEM supply.


Geico Products Inc.
13F Park-Heights
2-60-2 Higashi-Ikebukuro
Toshima-Ku, Tokyo 170-0013 Japan

Telephone: +81 3 3985 8000
Fax: +81 3 3989 8009

E-mail: contact@geico.co.jp
Web site: www.geico.co.jp

Mind on work

We proceed any work given to with faith, honest and best effort for all stakeholders participated to achieve any contribution in society keeping dignity and pride.


We share each goal of business and establish sustainable relationship.


We achieve compliance with standards, rules and laws keeping corporate ethic and moral.

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