Magnet Attract Wall Sheet

Magnet receipt strongly by ferrous powder kneaded

Without steel plate inserted, you can use magnets to wall by installing this to wall directly as wallcovering or pre-laminating this under any wallcovering you like Various wall decorations can be realized over this wall base as strength of force pulling magnet is excellent high.

  • Flexible and easy to cut appropriate sizes
  • 1,540 mm width / maximum 2,000 mm available
  • Excellent strength of force pulling magnet
  • No ferrous powder is generated from the edges
  • 10 - 20 meters per roll for SKU
  • ASTM E-84 fire testing Class A passed
Magnet Attract Wall Sheet 001
Magnet Attract Wall Sheet 002
Magnet Attract Wall Sheet 003
Magnet Attract Wall Sheet 004

Magnets can be used on all walls

Step 1

Install it on wall as a base material

Step 2

Apply wall decorations over it

Step 3

Try any magnets on the decorated wall



Favorite wallcoverings can be applied with adhesive over it.


The walls can be freely designed and drawn with various colors of paint like a canvas.

Magnet sheets

Digital printed wallcoverings, posters or tapestries with magnet backing can be put and removed easily.